Digital Splendour

Make your walls the centre of your home with Majorelle and Utopia, two captivating wall murals featured in our most recent international pattern book collection, also called Utopia.

Both designs are printed on a high quality, lustrous, fibrous mica substrate and are paste the wall for easy application.

Our journey into digital murals starts with Majorelle, a large, bold, trailing floral with succulent leaves and delicate dragonflies. It is available in rich berry and fresh teal colourings.

Utopia is an endless, tropical jungle scene with beautiful flowers, majestic trees and exotic leopards hiding in the foliage. The lavish scenery is arranged in hues of pinks, magentas, teals and greens.

Both designs come on a single roll and can be used as standalone murals, or multiple rolls can be used together to create a repeating pattern over larger wall spaces.