Opus Heavy Weight Vinyl Collection

We have had a busy September this year. We have launched Glistening 2, Riviera and Opus collections.

Opus is a small collection of genuine Italian heavy weight vinyl’s. We have recoloured some of our most popular designs such as Clara, Ornella, Ornella Bark and Sequins. In this collection we also have a new design called Origami.

Origami is a small scale, contemporary geometric Italian heavy weight vinyl. It features a folded emboss inspired by origami. Each different shape within the geometric has a different texture within it, which gives a deviating effect to the light reflective shine which comes from the emboss and the metallic finish and comes in 4 different colourways.

Ornella is a luxury Italian heavy weight vinyl design inspired by elegant embellished fabrics. The opulent stylised tree has a sequin effect emboss and metallic accents that shimmer amongst embroidered branches and a bark effect base. Micas, metallics and glitter help enhance the movement of the emboss and accentuate the detail. Each feature has a coordinating bark texture plain in two new colourways and has 2 matching Ornella Bark textures.

Clara is a bold, Italian heavy weight vinyl. It features a rose gold damask made with an embossed bead effect with a grey soft linen background..

Sequins is a contemporary Italian heavy weight vinyl. It features a sequin emboss with an all over metallic to make the rose gold really shine.