Fashion 4 Walls 2019

We have been extremely busy recently getting ready for Fashion4Walls 2019. Last week it was great to see so many customers, who we really appreciated coming to see us on our stand. It was lovely to have a really good catch-up and get reaction to all of our new launches; Glistening 2, Riviera and Opus.

Glistening 2 is a collection of quality, flat printed designs on a paper substrate:-

Trident Geo is a bold, flat printed cubic geometric design with a metallic accent. It comes in 2 different colourways of navy and grey.

Glistening Tropical Tree is a tropical, palm tree wallpaper. It features an intense metallic tree print on a matt background, and comes in 3 different colourways; teal, navy and pink.

Industrial Texture features a distressed plaster effect with metallic tones to create a contemporary, industrial appearance and again is available in 3 different colourways of grey, pink and navy.

Peony Floral is a delicate floral wallpaper with a linen textured ground. It comes in 2 striking colourways – yellow/grey and pink/dark grey.

A classic proven design recoloured, Rhea Trees has high shine metallic skeletal trees on a matt ground and is available in 2 different colourways of Grey/Silver and Dark Grey/Rosegold.

Here is a link to the Glistening 2 Ebook:

Stay tuned as we will feature the Riviera collection and the new Opus collection over the next few days.