Digital Discovery

The rapid rise in digital technology means that new boundaries and opportunities are becoming available. One of the simplest is that wallpaper production is no longer bound to the conventional repeat pattern on a wallpaper being based on the circumference of the printing screen or cylinder, which was historically up to a maximum of 64cm.

Digital print has allowed designs to be printed with no restrictions on repeat height. While this is commonly utilised on digital murals, where one mural covers a wall approximately 2.5m high by 3m wide, our new Arboretum book features a number of conventional wallpaper designs but with bold, larger repeats than we could usually achieve. These new designs offer the grandiose feeling you get with a larger print, but are still hung like a traditional wallcoverings and can easily cover walls of any size.

To see the new digital designs, check out Cora and Botanicus in the new Arboretum collection.

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